3 Fish Finder Apps

Given the fact that pretty much everyone has a smartphone or a tablet nowadays, it makes sense for even the fish finder industry to move with the times and introduce fish finding apps for such devices. Not only are these smartphone fish finders very convenient to use, the fact that they do not need a screen for their display means that they are very competitively priced and are often much cheaper than buying a conventional fish finder.


As the technology evolves, manufactures are adding more and more options to these smartphone apps and the future for smart fish finders looks pretty exciting right now. That being said, here’s a list of the 3 best smartphone fish finders.



Available for both Android and iOS devices, Deeper can work to depths of up to 140 ft and provides the user with information about not just fish density but also other useful things like water temperature, weather forecast and sunrise/sunset & moonrise/moonset infos.


For those of us who liked to go on long fishing trips, the device comes with it’s own car charger meaning that there’s no need to look for an electrical outlet to charge it. Deeper connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the ability to access all the data on the screen of a state of the art screen is an absolute pleasure.



Functioning within a 80 ft Bluetooth range, the Fishhunter uses military grade transducer technology that works flawlessly with both iOS and Android devices. There’s no installation required and it works for all kinds of fishing environments whether rivers, ponds, sea or even ice. With a 7 to 9 hour battery life this little gem is sure to please even the most ardent of fishing enthusiasts. If you shut off other resource hogging apps on your smart device then the battery time is sure to go up even further.



With a sub $100 price, it’s easy to see why many new fishermen are attracted to iBobber’s newest offering for 2014. A must have tool for budding enthusiasts, the iBobber works flawlessly within the 100 ft range and the app even lets you GPS tag your favorite hotspots. You also have the ability to log many details of your fishing trips or share them on various social media platforms with your friends.


Another nifty feature of the app is the integration of a fish alarm, which means that you don’t need to constantly keep looking at the screen to study the readings. You can sit back and open a cold one and once iBobber’s detected a fishing hotspot the fish alarm goes off alerting you to the possibilities that lie ahead. It even goes a step ahead and shows the fish in two different sizes (under and over 15”).


The use of smartphones for fish finding is clearly the way of the future. For now it’s not only a great economical way to get your hands on a fish finder, such apps are an absolute must for any fishing enthusiasts who own a smartphone or a tablet. I found some useful websites about fish finder, but this is the one I feel it has quite a lot up-to-date information about fish finders: Marine Electronic Center.


Bass Fishing Tackle

To succeed you need to get lots of practice and have the  best bass fishing tackle you can get in order to land the big one. Nowadays you can find a huge variety of bass fishing tackle and fishing rods available in fishing stores, and even at your local big box store. As you already know Bass fishing is a great sport and not as simple as it looks. Which is  why we need to spend lots of time doing it (that is a good excuse to  give your better half or boss).


Apart from having the right tackle, and possibly a couple of fishing tackle boxes to keep everything in you will need a good rod so that your tackle and fishing techniques can be exploited to the maximum. As you get more experience in the real world you can start purchasing different types of rods that are useful to catch different sizes of fish. 


The Rods

Most beginners like to use 6 ½ foot spinning rod which is moderate in capacity.  This type of rod can effectively catch moderately sized bass but it could be quite a struggle if a larger bass is hooked on the line. For a bigger fish, it is better if you use casting rod and reel with a firmer line. With good tackle you can easily catch a bigger bass with less effort.If you feel you are ready to face the biggest challenge in bass fishing, you should purchase a flipping rod that is created to catch fish that are hidden deep within weeds and beneath docks.


Usually, this type of rod would measure approximately 7 ½’ long and it is much heavier than the ordinary rods. You can successfully catch a giant bass with this rod, but remember to put an irresistible bass fishing tackle at the end of the line. Without good bass fishing tackle it would be quite impossible for you to get any catch no matter how great looking your rod is. 


The Tackles

Now it is time for you to recognize the right type of bass fishing tackle to be used when you go for bass fishing.  The most common ones being used by people are the spinner baits. They are simple to use and can effectively result in a good catch. They are able to detect the presence of fish especially when there are rapid movements of them in the water.  You will most likely be able to detect a group of fish at a time when using this type of bass fishing tackle.


Another type of bass fishing lures are the crank baits they are among the most popular bass flushing lures and they are actually the imitation of real fish. You can find an array of different types of bass fishing tackle in the form of crank baits, but if you are a beginner it is better if you focus on buying different types of cranks to suit different depths of water.  Remember to choose fat and short looking cranks because large mouth seems to like these types of cranks.



If you are looking for a gift for your favorite bass fisherman then you should consider buying them a book so they can learn all about the best bass fishing tackle even when they are at home. No matter what gift you buy it is sure to raise a smile if they are avid fishermen.


Don’t forget the kids, if you have young children then you may want to consider buying them their very own fishing rod and tackle for their birthday or Christmas. Kids won’t ever talk about the best day they spent watching TV with their parents but they will tell everyone about the day you all went fishing together. Fishing should be a family occasion so take any chance you can to get together, bring out the bass fishing tackle and enjoy some time together.



The Importance Of Bass Fishing EQUIPMENT

Every bass fisher knows that you must have the right bass fishing equipment. If you don’t, you might as well stay home and enjoy your couch. If you are going to be successful, you must have bass fishing equipment that is in perfect working order. The first place to start is with your rods and reels.


Many of these are very expensive and you must do a little maintenance on them if you want them to continue working properly. Always check to see if your rod has sustained any cracks from age or from that last large catch you reeled in. Often you will find tiny cracks that can be repaired fairly inexpensively if you catch them before they become too severe.


Keep Your Equipment Clean

Always keep your bass fishing equipment clean. Reels are in constant use when bass fishing and they will pick up dirt and trash from the water as you reel the line in. The gears inside the reels will also become stiff and quit working properly if you do not regularly clean and lubricate them. This may take a little effort on your part but you need to take the reels apart and clean and lubricate everything inside. Once you get your reel put back together, you will then need to clean any extra lubricant off of the outside. Don’t over use your line. Like anything else, the line can become brittle and break with continued use. If you have caught many fish, the line will also stretch and leave weak points. 


When you take apart the reel for cleaning, this is a great time to change the line and be ready for that next big bite. Keep your rods looking like they are brand new by cleaning the rods, and cork on the handles, with alcohol. Alcohol pads are very inexpensive and will travel well with you on your fishing trips. They are easy to dispose of and alcohol is also a great way to make your rods shine. 



Take some type of organizer with you, such as a handheld computer, or even a small voice recorder. When you encounter a problem you can simply record what the problem is then continue to enjoy your day. When you get home you will have a reminder that your bass fishing equipment needs some attention. This is also a great way to keep up with those “honey holes” you come across every now and then. Remember that your boat is also part of your bass fishing equipment. Always be prepared for the possibility of a break-down. Take a few general tools with you that can be used just in case you need to make a quick repair or two. Also keep some type of light with you in case you get caught after dark and need to attract attention for help. When you are fully prepared with the right bass fishing equipment, you can expect to have a great day in the great outdoors.